LV M81246 Soft Trunk Wearable Wallet Monogram Other Sale Price & Reviews


LV M81246 Soft Trunk Wearable Wallet Soft Trunk Wearable Wallet Monogram Other for Sale Price! LV M81246 real customers reviews. A cross between a wallet and a compact body bag, the Soft Trunk Wallet looks like a tiny Louis Vuitton trunk. Made from Monogram canvas with a vintage feel in the way the Monogram motif is rendered on the canvas, it features a diagonal two-tone stripe and the number 7 printed on the canvas.


ut strap: Removable, adjustable

The LV M81246 Soft Trunk Wearable Wallet Monogram is the perfect accessory for any fashionista looking to add style and convenience to their everyday look. Combining classic Monogram coated canvas with innovation and modernity, this wallet makes a bold statement with its Trunk-inspired reinforced corners, giving it a stylish, playful look. With a zipped opening and two pulls and six card slots, this wallet provides secure and convenient storage in an ultra-modern package. The inside features a flat pocket and zipped pocket to store all your important items. The strap is removable and adjustable, making it easy to take with you on the go. The adjustable strut strap offers additional security, keeping your wallet in place.

This stylish wallet not only looks great but is also made with quality materials. The Monogram canvas is coated for a longer lasting finish, and the durable materials of cowhide-leather lining and trim offers an additional layer of protection. The gold-color hardware ensures an eye-catching look, and is resistant to corrosion and wear and tear, lasting you for years to come. You can easily pair this wallet with any outfit and be confident of it lasting you a lifetime.

The LV M81246 Soft Trunk Wearable Wallet Monogram also offers great protection from any unexpected knocks or bangs that may occur. The sturdy reinforced corners ensure that when you drop your wallet, the contents are always safe. The adjustable straps provide extra security, ensuring that it cannot be easily taken from you in a crowded area. The firm, yet somewhat flexible material provides a cushion for any potential impacts, so you can be confident that your hard-earned money is safe.

This stylish and functional wallet is incredibly affordable. With a sale price of around $700, you can get a designer wallet that will last you for years to come. Reviews of the wallet are also positive, with customers praising its quality, design and convenience. You won’t have to wait long for delivery either, with most orders arriving within a week of ordering.

In conclusion, the LV M81246 Soft Trunk Wearable Wallet Monogram is a stylish and practical accessory that any fashionista can enjoy. With its innovative design and quality materials, this wallet is sure to last you for years to come. With its convenient storage and adjustable straps, you can feel secure in any situation. At an affordable price of just $700 and positive reviews, this wallet is a great investment for anyone who loves a modern look.

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