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LV M20557 Mini Soft Trunk Mini Soft Trunk Other Leathers Price! LV M20557 users reviews. With its shape inspired by Louis Vuitton’s historic travel luggage, the Mini Soft Trunk emanates street-smart chic in Monogram Bandana leather. An original decoration on fine cowhide combines the look of a bleached-out blue bandana with the House’s iconic Monogram pattern. An eye-catching fresh take on a classic motif and a convenient way to carry everyday necessities.


The LV M20557 Mini Soft Trunk Other Leathers is a luxury piece of luggage that is as perfect for the fashionista as it is for the traveler. This luxurious, top-quality product features Monogram Bandana leather, cowhide-leather trim and a textile lining. The bag also comes with elegant palladium-color hardware that adds a touch of class to the design. The exterior of the bag also has an outside zipped pocket for added convenience.

The inside of the bag is spacious and comes with a single flat pocket to store items you need quick access to. The bag also comes with an adjustable strap for easy carrying. The adjustable strap also has a generous drop length of 16.5 inches that can be extended up to 22.8 inches. In other words, no matter your height, you can easily adjust the length of the strap and customize it to your personal needs.

As far as size goes, the bag measures 7.3 x 5.1 x 3.1 inches in terms of length x height x width. This ensures that you can easily and securely store all your personal essentials. Whether it’s a laptop, clothing, or documents, the bag can easily fit in your day-to-day items without any snags or worries.

When it comes to the price, the LV M20557 Mini Soft Trunk bag comes at an affordable price. It is currently on sale and you can get it for a cheaper price if you look at the right places. There is also an array of reviews from past buyers, ensuring that you can trust the bag’s quality.

Overall, the LV M20557 Mini Soft Trunk Other Leathers bag is an amazing piece of luggage. It combines style, quality, and luxury all in one, making it the perfect companion for your travels. It offers enough storage space to store all your items, comes with an adjustable strap, and is affordable, too. Check out the online reviews and special deals to ensure that you get the best possible product for your money.

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