At the first glance, the Louis Vuitton LV Driver Moccasin is filled with chic, bold and adventurous vibes. Although, it’s not one of the latest models under the banner of the renowned designer brand, this fashionable take on the classic moccasin, which has been around for centuries, makes it a perfect pick for those who appreciate a lot of class and at the same time, like their footwear to stand out from the others.

As the prominent French fashion house reveals, these shoes are 1AAF2A. In other words, crafted from a special combination of Monogram Grained calf leathe, the LV Driver Moccasin offers enough suppleness and lightness for the foot to enjoy ample comfort throughout the day. The upper part of the shoe is stitched by hand in a traditional fashion, emphasizing a very artistic approach. On the other hand, the outer edge is covered in rubber pads that further provide grip and support. Moreover, there are some colorful details on the vamp and its lace tips bear the famous logo of the label: The LV Initials.

The interesting aspect of the Louis Vuitton LV Driver Moccasin is the fact that it is the first footwear design by the well-known Virgil Abloh. This means that the shoes were originally conceptualized by the same famed artist who is behind all the other original products of the Maison.

Obviously, when it comes to these shoes, the world of fashion can’t help but get on board with its effortlessly cool style. After all, the LV Driver Moccasin comes in various designs to choose from. From the iconic monogram print to traditional shades of beige, there is no stopping the wearer to show off the utmost sense of style when taking a walk in this luxurious yet uncomplicated creation of the designer giant.

The most endearing part of the luxury shoe is that it is perfect for every occasion. Whether you are dashing to the office or stepping into a high-profile event, these exquisite moccasins are guaranteed to draw plenty of attention. The casual yet striking look of the shoes makes them appropriate to any kind of dress code.

The design of the Louis Vuitton LV Driver Moccasins is definitely a dream come true for most fashion enthusiasts. The luxuriousness of its material and its timeless silhouette make it a staple in any serious fashion wardrobe. Furthermore, not only does this fashionable pair of shoes look stylish, but it also offers comfort and durability for the consumer in the long run.

All in all, the Louis Vuitton LV Driver Moccasin is a definite must-have for people who yearn for fashion fit for the gods. This form of footwear is definitely worth the money due to its overall quality and its alluring look. Not only is the money spent worth the price, but the person will also gain a trendy, comfortable and fashionable footwear in return, which will last for years to come.

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