As the chill in the air continues to set in, any fashion savvy individual knows that it’s time go back to our wardrobes and find something new and exciting to wear. Fortunately for those loyal to luxury, Louis Vuitton has become synonymous with innovation and grace, having released some of the most coveted bags of 2020. At the forefront of their collection for winter 2020 is their new M45522 Maida Hobo bag, a functional zipped hobo bag made of a pleasing mix of grained and Monogram Empreinte leather.

This hobo bag is sure to be this winter’s must-have fashion item, thanks to its chic design and unrivaled functionality. It comes with a removable top handle in braided leather, so whatever way you decide to carry it – on your shoulder or draped over your arm – you’ll never lack in comfort. A key feature of the bag is the two large front pockets, ideal for quick access to essentials without needing to open up the main compartment of the bag. Furthermore, its zipped closure and adjustable chained top handle enable it to be neatly fastened, keeping your belongings safe and secure.

Though fashion always evolves and changes with time, Louis Vuitton’s commitment to excellence and craftsmanship remains steadfast. Utilizing the same skill, passion, and innovation that has made them famous, the Louis Vuitton label adds character to their Maida Hobo bag with signature details: eye-catching leathers, golden brass pieces and subtle leather detailing for an eternal aesthetic, allowing you to always look your best.

Viewers at home were treated to the Maida Hobo’s debut when Louis Vuitton hosted their SS20 Menswear Show at Paris Fashion Week in June, 2019. Where many other luxury fashion houses were unable to display their work due to the pandemic, Louis Vuitton was able to live stream the event and show off their new season bag designs. This allowed audiences worldwide to appreciate the iconic design, and they have since taken the luxury fashion world by storm, being featured in editorials, in street style and even spotted on the likes of David Beckham, further boosting their credibility as one of the leading fashion houses in the world.

The M45522 Maida Hobo bag by Louis Vuitton is the perfect addition to any wardrobe this winter, delivering a statement of sophisticated appeal, effortless style, and remarkable function. With its premium leather, braided handle and zipped closure, it’s a must have for fashion lovers everywhere, making a bold statement about its wearer’s impeccable style and impeccable taste.

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