The Twist PM bag M21118 by Louis Vuitton is an iconic and fashionable piece of classic craftsmanship that is beloved by fashion-forward audiences around the world. The bag is made with fine grained Epi leather which is accentuated with the classic LV Twist lock, an exquisitely crafted piece of silvery painted metal. With its comfortable shape, the bag is both compact and surprisingly spacious. Additionally, the shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing for both shoulder and cross-body carry, making it versatile for any occasion.

Introduced at the 2015 Cruise show by Louis Vuitton, the Twist PM Bag M21118 is an elegant piece of craftsmanship made to last. Its classic presence and modern appeal make it a desirable accessory to add to any ensemble. From a day at the office to an elegant evening out, the Twist is the perfect, timeless accessory.

The unique “wave” design of the bag, gives it a distinct silhouette that is unlike any other modern bag. This design creates an inner structural shape of curves, which provides a spacious base for the bag’s contents. The base also allows for a subtle, effortless stability while you are on the go. The bag displays delicately curved edges and its signature hand-stitched “V” detailing, further making it a desirable companion for any occasion.

The Louis Vuitton Twist PM Bag M21118 is further made to be comfortable and user-friendly. It has both top handles and a sliding chain strap that can be lengthened for cross-body carry or doubled for shoulder carry. This sliding chain also allows a hands-free, convenient way to carry all your necessities. Additionally, the bag also includes an interior pocket which provides quick access to cards and coins, as well as a secure main compartment.

Style and ease of use come together in one beautiful package with the Louis Vuitton Twist PM Bag M21118. The versatile shape and the chic “wave” pattern make it ideal for any ensemble, from casual to elegant. Add the timeless LV Twist lock and this luxurious bag is a must-have piece. With its contemporary design, the Twist bag is a stylish, functional, and desirable piece for any wardrobe.

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