1AANMH has recently released their newest collection and Louis Vuitton’s Run Away Sneaker is at the forefront. The iconic sneaker revisits the classic design this season with grained calf leather, embossed with an oversized version of the historic Louis Vuitton Damier pattern. 1AANMH have replicated the classic running shoe style for this collection, with a technical, wedge-shaped outsole finished by hand. The sneaker has LV Initials on the tongue and the LV signature visible across the back.

1AANMH is renowned for its minimalistic elegance with a fashion-forward twist, while still embodying class, comfort and security. As a footwear brand, they stand out for their timeless silhouettes and unique placements of materials. 1AANMH has recently been praised in the fashion sphere for their continuous exploration of contemporary luxury with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies. With their latest collection, they invite the connoisseur to focus on the art of high-quality craftsmanship and modern techniques of customisation to redefine luxury dressing.

The latest member of this collection, the Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneaker, is the perfect choice for everyday luxury. The LV initials and historic Damier pattern on a classic shape offers more than just a contemporary sneaker but also a sense of elevated luxury and play.

What truly differentiates this design from traditional running shoes, is the technical, wedge-shaped outsole, which gives the sneaker a modern edge and comfort beyond expectation. This innovation gives the power of personal expression on a new level and celebrates the sophistication of the LV classics. With its modern structure, it is also very diverse.

The Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneaker is an icon with an immediate fashion appeal. It’s an effortless way to transition from day to night and look of the highest class. The LV Run Away Sneaker is available online and at selected retailers and carries a price of $675.

At its core, 1AANMH’s latest collection is about elevating everyday luxury, whilst still embodying class, quality and comfort.

The iconic Run Away sneaker is just one example of 1AANMH’s approach of combining technical innovation and timeless elegance in order to stay ahead of the modern luxury market. By exploring classic craftsmanship and modern technologies, the brand is re-shaping the boundaries of the luxury market.

1AANMH is advocating for an age of modern luxury that celebrates meticulous craftsmanship and distinct design. It is redefining what luxury dressing is, with designs that support every style no matter the occasion. The brand is offering its customers an experience beyond the traditional luxury market. There is a focus on contemporary design, with a special attention to modernizing the classics while maintaining the same attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship that make it a timeless staple.

The Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneaker is a statement design, embodying timeless style with a contemporary twist. It reflects 1AANMH’s commitment to innovation and excellence, in order to stay ahead of the modern luxury market. It is one more step for the brand’s relentless exploration of contemporary luxury and the boundary-pushing possibilities of elevated style.

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